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The Industry Leaders since 1975.

Coustic Glo International is the World Leader in ceiling and wall restoration. Formally incorporated in 1975, Coustic Glo began franchising in 1982. Today in markets around the world, Coustic Glo products are proven everyday to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.

We initially began our franchising in the United States and have since then expanded into Canada and overseas markets in South America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. Our focus is the cleaning and restoration of all types of ceilings and walls as well as the restoring and repairing and replacement of common defects found in these areas. 


These problems are found in the interior of nearly every commercial building large or small in existence today. New buildings built today are your customers for tomorrow. Even architects recognize the Coustic-Glo service as being very beneficial and cost saving to building owners.

Coustic Glo also offers service to the growing residential market and insurance fire restoration business and works directly with these companies as well as the owners to ensure only the highest standards and quality of repairs is provided. Since the inception of Coustic Glo over 30 years ago our Corporate Vision has always been to offer only the highest quality products and training and conduct our business with the highest morals and ethics.

We have remained committed to this vision and offer you the opportunity to share it.
— Gary Smith

What Can Coustic Glo Do For You?

We are ceiling refurbishment experts.