Dealership Testimonials


Meet some of our partners! World-class Coustic Glo customer service is the very premise of our core philosophy. Our mission is to provide the very best patented products and services, alongside award-winning support for market growth and client retention. 

See what our partner dealerships have to say. 


"I left a traditional job in the corporate world where I managed a territory with a $2 million in annual sales. Since becoming a Coustic-Glo franchisee, I enjoy my freedom, spend more time with my family and I'm making more money. I'm healthier too... now I'm doing triathalons!" ~ ALAN FAHRENHOLZ, SUFFIELD, CT

"Since joining Coustic-Glo we've expanded our goals far beyond any previous expectations. Working for ourselves has given us a true feeling of satisfaction and security. We sponsor a little league team. We play golf together often. We're enjoying our work, our family and our personal growth." ~ KEN & MARY BECKER, MESA, AZ

"After 20 years in the corporate world I wanted “something better”. Since 1984 I have found that “something better” A service business that required a relatively small investment. Very little inventory: highly profitable: excellent home office support and I’m the boss. Coustic-Glo is all that and more.

It gives my family and I the freedom to do the things we’ve always wanted. My only regret is that I didn’t join up with Coustic-Glo sooner." ~ AL ELLIS, WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA

"On October 2nd, 1980, I signed a contract with Coustic-Glo International Inc to Clean acoustical ceilings using their products and system of cleaning. Many of my friends asked, “What are you going to do?” To my answer –clean acoustical ceilings- They said, “Oh well, good luck.”

Twenty plus years later, I am still cleaning acoustical ceilings using the Coustic-Glo products and system. I was right on both accounts." ~ RAY KLEMAN, COLUMBUS OHIO